• The Book On The Living God, chapter: The Path.
You have been given a false idea of ‘God’; with idle doctrine has been strangled the seed in you from which the ‘lotus flower’ should have blossomed in the sacred waters of your deepest soul, the ‘lotus flower’ in which can be ‘born’ the light which shall eternally illuminate you… “The spirit which hovered over the waters” fills endless space, but you can only approach it – in yourself! – – – Only when it takes form in you, – as your God, – from light unto light, will you be able to bear witness to its silent rule! –

• The Book On Man, chapter: Introduction.

GENESIS Chapter 2,
• The Book On The Living God, chapter: The Path.

GENESIS Chapter 3,
• The Book On The Living God, chapter: Karma.

• The Book On Man, chapter: The Path of the Woman. 

• The Book On The Living God, chapter: The Path.

• Hortus Conclusus, chapter: The Urge to Criticise.

• The Book On Man, chapter: The Path of the Woman:Thus, further on in the myth, we find the words of the ‘Lord’ to the ‘woman’ in man:

“Thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee!” – –

How often have these words been misused to condone the repression of feminine individuality by citing them to justify the unconditional domination of the husband in marriage, supposedly granted in the text!

• The Book On Man, ch The Path of the Woman.

It is initially the feminine pole in the spiritual phenomenal man which causes this ‘fall’ and covets existence in animal form. – However, in spiritual realms nothing can continue to exist where only one of the two poles of ‘man’, – ‘woman’, would be effective. Thus the male pole must follow the ‘fall’ at the same time.

The animal form the female pole immediately finds in its ‘fall’, – a form already ‘created’ from spiritual men’s earliest propagation, – compels the masculine pole to covet the same form for itself.

“That the sons of the Gods saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and took them wives of all which they chose.” –

(The daughters of the Gods had already here become ‘daughters of the earth! – The sons of the Gods followed suit! – –)

GENESIS 11:1-9,
• The Secret, chapter: The rocky Island.

GENESIS 14:18,
• More Light, chapter: The architects of the cathedral of mankind.

Only then is he who is born to be a master also de facto a ‘master’; only then is he aware of his priestly status ‘after the order of Melchisedec’. –

During his years of development he had to pass through the most diverse stages of occult-spiritual possibilities, like the child in the womb passes through all stages of life which are below those of earthly man.

In this way, he who was still not perfect stood at a crossroads offering him the freedom to mature into a fakir or into a spiritual master. –

Here it will remain in existence until the end of the days on this earth, and with it for all time those eternally ordained to it and who belong to it as ‘priests after the order of Melchisedec’: – the ‘order’ which the eternal sets up for itself within the temporal!

Only for these exceptionally few men of this earth, whose eternal spiritual essence received the form of consciousness for it from the ‘Sophia’: – the wisdom! – of God as the eternal feminine pole of the substantial spirit, is it ever possible according to this order, to communicate the recognition and the knowledge about the Sophia in God to their fellow men on earth!

• The Book On The Living God, chapter: Supernatural experience.

GENESIS 32:26,
• The Path Of My Pupils, chapter: Unnecessary self-torment.
It was once said about the ‘kingdom of God’ that only those who used ‘force’ could take it, – but what is meant here by ‘force’ can only properly be known by comparing this saying with the words of Jacob who wrestled with the angel: “I will not let you go unless you bless me!”

GENESIS 32:28,
• The Book On The Living God, chapter: Supernatural experience.
And not without reason let us here remember those words from Genesis: “Neither shall thy name any more be called Abram, but thy name shall be Abraham…” And likewise: “Thy name shall not be called any more Jacob, but Israel shall be thy name…”

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