What I have to say here does not specifically concern that genuine freedom poets and heroes have found, – though poets and heroes often, if unwittingly, fought and struggled for the things here mainly under discussion for the sake of truth!


The worthy goal longed for by all those who feel they lack freedom is not to be presented here so that it can be devalued – rather I want to try and mercilessly dispel the caricature which more than ever before makes fools of those who thirst after freedom in our current age. –


Help can only be given here by illumination; only living light can succeed in wiping away the deception dreamt up in the full light of day. It is a deception which everyday tempts countless victims – carried on the sultry mists of hope and yearning all too closely attached to the earth – into the hopeless barrenness of frightening deserts.


Yet it remains true that only those who take counsel can be helped, and thus my words will surely only be of help where the will exists: – to listen to me…  


The word can turn the world around when acquired with conscious will, yet it can tell the soul little where resistance forfeits wise work!


It is not always a sign of intelligence when ears are closed to words of warning; it is surely not a sign of deeper insight to turn away from what you do not expect to hear.


I am bound to say many things which to some will sound uncomfortable; I am bound to speak of things that are absurd to the vast majority today.


 Yet not everything which is incomprehensible to some must therefore remain inexplicable to others. It is in truth not a true feature of reality to please those who prefer to dream when they should think, and are thus blinded to a recognition of everything which transcends their dreams.



Only desert nomads who know their way to the oasis can tell the difference between the optical illusion caused by the air in the hot haze of blown sands and the reality they know so well.


Even if the caravan guided by one who knows the desert seems unending, the opinion of every novice will carry no weight against that knowledge gained from experience which impels the assured to dampen expressions of joy and declare a mirage to be merely a mirage… 



 I know of what I speak and I can give counsel and help to those who want to be counselled and helped!


 Those who find my words ‘arrogant’ do not yet know me!


 I am bound to tell them that I come from the lands of the soul where none amongst those who are consciously alive there, could lay claim to special knowledge with respect to others.


 Alive and conscious within the same light, it would be utter folly for us to aspire to pre-eminence!

How much more foolish would it be for me to strut before those who are not yet alive in the lands of the light!


 Yet I would be a liar if I sought to conceal that there is always something else present for me than all the things on earth which are neither nearer nor further from me than from all my fellow men. –



Nowadays millions believe they need only ‘freedom’ to bring them ‘happiness’.


 This is the way not only the prisoner in his cell thinks, –  but also the prince who has had to give up many freedoms his ancestors once enjoyed. –


 But almost all are tempted by only a spectre of the desert which makes anyone who follows it in good faith fall prey to ‘wild creatures’…


Where unfortunately so many share one belief, one hope and one love, it is difficult for the individual to see through the deception; he is all too willing to be led astray by the omnipotence of mass delusion.


 Having indeed abundant knowledge of his un-holy condition, man strives to find the way out to his ‘salvation’; every image of deceit which promises with fervour to lead him to his salvation becomes ‘holy’ for him.


 Thus it was that the spectre of freedom came to power within the human world, and it threatens to lead astray almost all those striving for genuine freedom.



 The illusory image most today regard as ‘freedom’ is completely vague and like clouds dissipating in a haze.


Yet genuine freedom appears with clarity and determination, for it needs a defined form!


 True freedom can only exist and carry out its work of liberation through this form of self-containment.


 Without containment it would consume itself.


 Freedom ‘without limits’ is identical with the self-annihilation of what is free. –


 Freedom which remains but a concept and cannot be felt is worthless for man!


 Yet only what has limits can be felt. –


 Limits alone give form; feeling is only protected from dissolution by clearly delineated form.


 Form is the balance between all that is ‘too much’ and all that is ‘too little’.

Where genuine freedom holds sway there can be no question of ‘too much’ or ‘too little freedom’, for ‘too little’ would negate its existence as well as ‘too much’…


 Where such measuring is still possible there only rules the spectre to which man can ‘measure out’ power according to his whim.



 Genuine freedom is never an end in itself!


 Genuine freedom receives its full worth from the ends it serves!


 Genuine freedom is the fruit of fulfilled necessity and should exist for the purpose of acquiring something higher than freedom!


Never will freedom pose as master of the will, for freedom serves the will!


The spectre of freedom, however, seeks to subjugate the will; it tries to bleed will dry in order to maintain its own power…


The spectre of freedom propagates in all who follow it: an unrestrained frenzy for the boundlessness!


The spectre of freedom undermines every ability to experience form!


It destroys all certainty of recognition; for only where form can be experienced is recognition possible…


Not for nothing did ancient men of wisdom speak of ‘ignorance’ as of ‘guilt’, – I have taught about the need to heed this word elsewhere in my writings…


Guilt comes into being where power which has been bestowed, harms its owner or his fellow creatures, either through misuse or through neglecting its true application!


Those who continue to pursue the mirage to which they are enslaved, though my words have stirred them to discover for themselves that it is just a ‘spectre’ making fools of them, will find it difficult to rid themselves of their own guilt…


Since all guilt always demands and assuredly enforces its consequence, they must not be surprised if, through the consequence they have called into existence, it dogs their heels; it may well seize them at the very moment they believe they are taking hold of something which turns out to be the reflected haze of desolate thought in the thin air – a speculative dreamt up image – – a ‘mirage’. –


Bô Yin Râ