Light and Shade


      In those days I asked the exalted master if it was true what I had been told, – that there are people on this earth who had received knowledge of the ultimate mystery and possessed spiritual power, which they then only used to cause harm to mankind. –

      And the venerable one spoke:

      “Whoever is admitted into the exalted community of Luminaries is obliged by the law to illuminate himself and others as a sun of  the infinite expanse.

      If he were to seek to borrow his light from others, as a pupil may be still allowed to do, he would irrevocably lose the exalted creative powers entrusted to him…

      For him, who became a ‘seeing eye of the worlds’, there can be no more confusion of any

kind, for he carries within him a might which makes him accountable for every moment he lives. – – –

      He must learn to speak with kings and beggars as though he were himself one of their kind. He must only see the human in every man, ignoring class and rank, merit and guilt, crown and beggar’s staff. – –

      He will never be charmed by any human might, for every might he can encounter carries its end in itself; but the might he carries with conscious will, and which he serves, although he is permitted to command it and must steer it according to his will, is endless within itself. – – –

      However much he may feel himself attached to earthly human nature, he is at every moment free of it, for his soul has become ‘a realm of eternity’. –

Nothing outside himself can ever cause him to lose this realm’s crown and sceptre …

Only he can bring ruin upon himself through his own guilt!

Yet, if he may ‘fall’ in such a way, he remains even after the fall attached to the might whose bearer he became …

He is numbered then among those forces of destruction which are as necessary within the sea of physical existence as storms and turbulence within an earthly sea. –

He will then become an enemy, where once he was a friend and ‘brother’; the sublime community will mourn for a star which of its own volition has brought about his fall into the eternal abyss of chaotic disintegration………

In profoundest darkness, without the strength to lift himself, he lives only for the will to destroy, until one day he himself succumbs to his own will and disintegrates into myriad atoms of energy which will thereafter begin life’s journey anew as liberated centres of power. –


The same might works both in the ‘Luminary’ and in his counterpart, the lord of darkness. This ruler of the abyss, filled with the will to destroy, only possesses his might because he once received it as – a  ‘Luminary’. – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Through his fall from ‘radiance’ he has become one of the ‘brothers of shade’.

This is the truth about what you have been told. In countries of the west there are also countless people who have no idea that they are but marionettes of these mighty destroyers, and are completely subject to their enormous spiritual influence. – ”




Bô Yin Râ