On every manner of folly

Do not rummage in your pain and do not  constantly reopen wounds which would heal, if you wish to attain the power of comfort within yourself!


Turn away from your door everyone who comes to ‘console’ you but knows of nothing better than to scrape out fresh graves!–

What has been experienced seeks peace within you, so that it may sink into the innermost depth of your being.

Only when it rests within the depths of your soul, as something which can never be lost again, will it be of life - bringing benefit to you.


All suffering has power only for as long as you tend it and willingly acknowledge its rule!–

If you no longer grant it any power over you, after you have experienced and suffered it, then its power will be at an end!–

Therefore suffering is always seeking to remind you of its existence!

Like all things transient, it would like to hold  power and influence for longer than its allotted time.–

Thus it needs you; for without you it does not exist!

To make itself appear valuable to you it will  always choose the most appropriate masks…


How suffering has always clouded human minds so that it is seen as a divine messenger, even as a witness to divine love!–

Man has learned even to love suffering, not  suspecting that through this love – according to the inherent laws governing the powers within this  universe – suffering on earth is only increased…


Yet there are invisible forces within this cosmos of powers, which have the greatest interest in seeing men suffer for they nourish and renew themselves from human vitality; and man is never more willing to hand over his powers to them than when he is suffering.–

The more his suffering changes from an experience man still controls into becoming his master and tyrant, the easier it is for those invisible forces to plunder the powers they need.

Therefore they try everything within their power to keep man in a state of suffering for as long as possible…

Not for nothing is it said of one who has suffered for a long time: – that he is ‘exhausted’ by his suffering.–

Really, man’s vitality has been well and truly sucked out of him while he was tending his suffering almost with delight, calling it by the most beautiful names in elevating it to something sacred  thereby feeling himself completely in the power of his own suffering.–


In this way man gives himself up as prey to those werewolves and vampires belonging to the invisible world of planetary powers!–

If ever a halt is put to this activity, then must, conscious of what is really going on, all pleasure in suffering dwindle from the souls. This ‘pleasure’ exists in all suffering more than the vast majority of people even suspects.–

To be sure, there is no ‘pleasure’ in attaining  suffering!

There is also in truth no ‘pleasure’ in the  experience of suffering which man can still control!

However, as soon as suffering overpowers man, so that he now wants to continue suffering, he  follows, without even recognising or admitting it, a torpid desire which seduces him continually to tear open his wounds anew. In this way, invisible forces, revolting parasites nourishing themselves on his vitality, can sup on his life blood.

It is necessary to escape these forces. Even though suffering itself will never vanish from this earth, this type of suffering can indeed be limited to the margins to be allowed to the laws of this outer world of phenomena as a given consequence of their influence.

Everything beyond this consequence – everything which lies outside it, which is not rooted in ‘necessary’ events  – can be gradually eradicated from human life and it is in the life of every individual when he recognises for himself that he is only making himself into a victim of invisible demons by continuing in the illusion that has sanctified earthly suffering for thousands of  years.–


Yet do not misinterpret my words!

Truly, I feel reverence for the sufferer who  endures the great suffering which has befallen him with sublime human dignity for as long as he must endure it, so that he can then overcome it and find within himself the strong comfort which summons him to a new and intensified life, a comfort which can not be bestowed by any ‘solace’ from without.

I warn only against submission to suffering and against the boundless error which sees something ‘holy’ and ‘God-ordained’ in suffering, whilst all suffering is only falsehood and evil – even but necessary imperfection where it must be endured as the inevitable consequence of the laws governing this natural world of phenomena.–

I regard it as a crude blasphemy if one equates shamelessly an eternal ‘God’, of whom it is claimed that he is love, with the invisible vampires who sup on human vitality in the confused spheres of this earth – when it is said  in an unwittingly blasphemous way:

“Those whom God loves he chastises.” –

If the father of this saying were not a wise man’s folly, it should be condemned as a crime against mankind!–

In its effects, however, it is surely nothing other than this. Those invisible ones which once injected it into the human mind could ensure that crimes continue to be perpetrated as a result of the folly which accepted the idea…

He who would not be guilty of the calamity  already born from these words and still to be born, since it teaches earthly man to love and nurture evil, let him bear the suffering of this earth allotted to him courageously, austerely and conscious of his dignity until he has overcome it. But let him not presume – seduced into thinking that the manner of his bearing can lead to purification – to elevate evil itself to the status of a ‘divinely ordained’ act of providence!–

It is not an ‘act of providence’, but in each case the consequence of ineluctable events in this  natural world of appearance, unless it has been  unconsciously brought about and increased by the power of belief in ‘divine will’ and ‘sanctity’.–


Whether you are suffering or are currently free of suffering – repeat to yourself every day of your life:

   “All suffering is an evil I must overcome!”

“All suffering is an evil, and I ask in the spirit that I may be spared it as much as natural events permit!”

“All suffering is an evil, and I will not increase evil on earth, either by my own fear attracting it or through my believing in its supposed power to  sanctify!”


Everything you have to experience can help you to prove the worth of your experience. This  applies to suffering also. However, you will  never have found anyone who had failed to prove  himself in other areas of experience and then suddenly  demonstrated greatness in suffering.

If it nevertheless seemed to you to be so, you must then have falsely evaluated the experiences of that person!


Yet you must never forget that all experience can be of benefit to man. I do not make the assertion here that no one can benefit from the experience of suffering – only, it is far from being suffering itself which brings benefit, rather it is the attitude-to-experience someone has which can reveal even in suffering, what is of genuine value within him.–

The much lauded ‘school of suffering’ has, it is true, broken many haughty spirits with the  result that they crawled ‘to the cross’. Yet be not blinded by this; examine first of all whether this schooling has really helped men attain their fullest  development, or whether they simply were  exhausted, demoralised and crushed to such a  degree that they could no longer lift up their heads with courage!–

Weary resignation will very often appear to you to be inexplicable goodness, whereas only a man’s will has been crushed by suffering – and every desire has lost its drive – and the inability to overcome has led to a devaluation of all earthly values…


You may look askance upon all those who claim to have become ‘better people’ through suffering!–

They were either: already a lot better than you wanted to believe; they knew what destiny required of them and overcame suffering to make a new start; or you see before you broken men whose tired, apathetic gestures comes across as goodness.–


It will seem to you that those who drink the cup of suffering to the full, then raise themselves and overcome it – those who look well beyond  themselves, and walk courageously towards a new beginning, hardly seem affected by suffering. Yet they are the ones above all others who reap the benefits of suffering.–


They are the ones who have discovered within themselves the power of comfort and made it  manifest for themselves in their lives.–

It is highly unlikely that they will fall into the  folly of believing that the suffering which has befallen them is proof of heavenly love.–






Bô Yin Râ