On love’s original fire

Do not say you have love as long as you still worry about yourself!


Like the ‘lilies of the field’ growing wild in many parts of the Orient, and the ‘birds of the air’, you must no longer know of worries about yourself, if you wish to be capable of love in its highest form!


As long as common anxious worries about yourself and your fate on earth torment you, – which is no other than a manifest lack of trust in the eternal, – you truly know nothing yet of that love the exalted Master taught, – the love which alone can give you freedom.– –


You are enslaving yourself to your worries, and with all your worrying you will gain nothing!

Yet most divine power resides idle within you since you do not know how to make use of it!



Perhaps you ‘love from your whole heart’ all those who are ‘dear’ to you and whom you would never want to lose in this earthly existence, and you have even persuaded yourself to a ‘general love of one’s fellow men’, – indeed, you ‘love’ the animals and plants, ‘love’ everything your eyes see?


You will be astonished when I tell you that, despite all this, you are scarcely living in love!


Your own language can instruct you here, for you are accustomed to say of one you ‘love’ in your own way: “I have affection for him.” –


What is important to you in your ‘love’ is ‘having’ together with a pleasant sensation when ‘having’, – whether it is simply ‘having’ through seeing and hearing, or merely through the awareness that a fellow human being, near to you or far away, belongs to you! – –


The love, however, of which the ‘great man of love’ speaks, the love this book proclaims to you, is a spiritual and at the same time earthly primordial power which is interwoven into all life. It must flood through you in the same way as when the lower form of the same power floods you with an all-conquering shiver when you feel the flames of the love of the earthly animal burning inside you! –


In this ‘earthly’ love you still crave, for here love seeks the object of love, – but in its ‘heavenly’ form it becomes its own object, so that all craving leaves you! –


In the ‘earthly’ form of love there is a continual desire to hold, to hold tight – a grasping externally and drawing it closer.– In its ‘heavenly’ form, however, there is an inner glow, a radiance and emanation of warmth, – an overflowing from within flooding everything without…



Only this exalted form of love brings about all the real spiritual miracles of inner awakening. All that you are still trying to attain, believing in the eventual efficacy of some mysterious method or training, will be brought about ‘of itself’ within you.


But it must be said that the philanthropy and spiritual possessiveness you call ‘love’ can never help you attain that power which, most literally  true, is ‘stronger than death itself’! – –


Everything you have hitherto been accustomed to call ‘love’, unless you were only thinking of the lower level of love which consists of physical craving, – will truly be perfected when you are yourself imbued with the power of love’s primordial fire!


From your whole being will then pour forth that which you are still strenuously trying to make real! –


Those things you today call ‘duty’ and ‘virtue’ will then become the most natural fulfilment of your existence! –


You cannot inflame the power of love’s primordial fire within you without its rays continuously pouring from you. Everything that comes near to you will sense this constant radiance.


Everything which previously encountered you with resistance or aggression will then oblige you in order to join you of its own free will!


But an inner conversion will be required from you, if you are to be inflamed as a fiery sun of supreme power of love.–


Without this conscious conversion, without constantly holding fast to this new approach to your striving, you will certainly not attain love!


You must want to change yourself, if you are to see yourself changed!– –



Hitherto you were one who made demands even in the spiritual sphere, – but you can only be given what you do not yet possess, no matter what you are requesting or whether you are aware of your spiritual possessions or not.–


You possess already, even without knowing it, the exalted power of love of which I speak, so that you need not be given it. It is up to you whether you want to use it, so that it can reveal itself to you! –

You must want to become a ‘sun’ – a ‘sun’ which shines from itself– – and once you continually nurture this will, you will glow more and more in the fire of the supreme efficacy of love.


You still are too afraid of being inflamed in this way!


Your foolish fear of somehow losing yourself is holding you back from making the bold move you should make!


You may well feel within you a modest warmth; you call it ‘love’ and are satisfied with it, – only then, you are surprised that the radiation of this pale warmth is ineffectual either within yourself or in the world outside you; indeed, it is utterly powerless even in your earthly fate! –


You have no idea yet of the radiant power you could attain, if you sought to change yourself into a ‘sun’ instead of just lethargically awaiting the warmth and vigour bestowed by the spiritual radiation from other suns!


Everything in you must henceforth be willing to give, if you want to receive from yourself the highest within yourself! – –


Although it may seem to you that what you have to give at present is pitifully small, even this trifle will completely suffice to bring you to ‘radiation’, as long as your will to give more than you expect to receive from others remains intact!



The story is told about an Indian prince who once asked a Yogi which are the experiences of one who has attained perfection. The Yogi replied that he had once been asked about the feelings of a lover, and that he could only answer:

“When you are a lover, you will know.” –


Likewise I can speak here of the highest form of love as an eternal, primordial power only by using images, for I am just as incapable of explaining this ‘heavenly’ love in words as I am in making comprehensible to you in words that other form of love we call ‘earthly’ love, because it manifests itself only in earthly life.–


In both cases you must allow yourself to be enflamed by love if you would discover what love, either in its physical form or in its supreme spiritual form, is in reality!


As someone who loves on this earth, you carry within you the ‘earthly’ form of love, even if its fire is not aglow at the moment; likewise there is within you at all times, though you are not aware of it, the 

‘heavenly’ form of the same power. Its influence far exceeds this earthly existence and imparts to you a godlike freedom on earth, because all things you encounter must bow down  before it.– –


The exalted Master of Nazareth once spoke of this love and its omnipotence; he drew all his own power from this love…


That man of love who became the greatest herald of the Master’s teaching spoke of this love when he said of himself: “If I have not love, I am become as sounding brass or a clanging cymbal!” – It is true that both give off a sound when they are struck from without, yet they lack any inner life which could produce a sound from within itself.–


But the love of which we speak here continually acts from within itself and does not need a stimulus from without!



How much longer will men on earth shut themselves off from this love?! –


Few have known of it, – few have become its vessels, – among all those generations that have received the light of this earth’s sun.


The forces of external nature learnt to recognise the dominion of man long ago.


Yet within his inner sphere man is satisfied in making feeble efforts to conclude pacts with his own powers, since he does not know the exalted power residing within him.


Through this power he would not only have become master of the internal forces of his physical nature, – but also would have exerted supreme influence on the world outside – if only the majority of mankind would together become at one in this power…


Wherever human souls have found their way out of darkness; wherever great deeds have been performed, casting their light through the centuries; wherever the creature in man has had to accept the dominion of spiritual man, there this exalted power had been awoken in the individual and could flow over into the many, and thereby inflaming them.–


Yet time and time again, those inflamed in this way allowed the heavenly fire to be extinguished because they were too lethargic to feed it from what they themselves possessed…



An end will be put to these dark days of frenzied hatred which have once again surrendered power to the ‘God of vengeance’, from whom the great man of love from Nazareth once taught to wrest the might, – these days of Babylonian confusion of minds, – days when creative will has been transformed into an addictive tarantella of destructive rage; – these days which fall like hammer blows of an inferno full of crazed demons upon wretched mankind and turn into barbaric chaos, into piles of detritus, those structures the light of the spirit once constructed in its victory over bestial torpor – an end will be put to all this when the power of love accomplishes it.– –


The smouldering fire which now sends its black clouds of choking poisonous smoke over countries and oceans will not be extinguished by the platitudinous waterfalls spouting from wildly gesticulating orators! –


The green leaves now dying in the heat wanted the warmth of the sun, – yet since there was no ‘sun’ to be found in those days, they fell, in their desire for light and warmth: prey to subterranean conflagrations.


Blessed is he who has no need to confess to himself: – “I too was once one of those who cheated the young forest of the warmth of the sun and caused its destruction in a forest fire stretching over the world…”


There is nothing more to ‘extinguish’ here; the fire must burn out of itself; but be not deceived:– – 

the yearning for light and warmth will not abandon the hearts of those who did not fall victim to the conflagration, for they have been awoken by will anchored in primal depth and no might on earth can prevent it from fulfilling itself!


This yearning seeks radiant ‘suns’ which do not tire from warming and illuminating.–


It will be able to differentiate and reject everything which does not shine from love!



What has shrivelled in the heat is surely lost, and with it treasure which mankind once possessed. Yet the young green of the earth sprouting forth anew will not be destroyed a second time, will not again become tasty fare for the greedy fire of the underworld!


Here too sublime guardians are at work, even though they were not allowed to hinder the annihilation of those things which unwittingly carried within themselves the will to annihilation…


The sublime guardians here at work will be able to protect with prudence every new green shoot from fiery annihilation. They will, as man’s true friends, full of understanding, good counsel and pity, send back to their graves the bone-rattling skeletons which like monstrous bats in wide cloaks whirr before the sun. Then the light of the primal sun of the eternal spirit will at last be able to cast the warmth of its rays on all life.–


From this primal sun alone all radiant power flows towards the individual spiritual ‘suns’ which humanity needs, just as the swarms of planets in the firmament need their myriad stars to keep themselves on their ordered orbit…



Mankind has not arrived at the ‘demise’ of the west as many imagine; rather its eventual ultimate ascent demands the sacrifices which wakeful men in the west today mourn!!!


“He who has ears to hear, – let him hear!”

–– – –– – –– – –– – –– – –– – –– – ––– – –



The signs of the times should in truth be interpreted differently than the fancies which sceptics dream up, like acrobats juggling baubles of thought, in their search for the crowd’s applause!!!


‘Patience and the faith of saints’ are needed here!


Not those who deem themselves ‘holy’ because they slide out of any guilt and responsibility like slithering worms, but those on earth who truly suspect salvation, those who have in every age been the ‘salt of the earth’.–



Our grandchildren will no longer know these days of delusion and blindness which are drawing to their end, even though their final end still seems far away.


For them will be hard to understand the sick state of minds which are now the scene of frenzied whirls because, ensnared by dark forces to which they have surrendered, they have thrown open the doors to folly; they believe that ‘man’ is but a poor animal of this earth – much poorer still than all the other animals of the earth, – and he perceives himself as such, as long as he is ignorant of the fact that he forms spiritual man’s gateway to redemption.


Yet only this knowledge will bring the certainty that supreme love alone can give him unheard of power to change the countenance of this earth, so that all misery found on earth – sickness, need and grief – must disappear from the earth, just as those monsters disappeared, from which the first human animals once fled before learning to defeat  them! – –


All of us who now feel the oppressive shadows of death over our heads in these dark days are the grave-diggers of an old age and at the same time the begetters of the new life which shall one day fill the earth!–– –


All humanity yet to live on this earthly orb will demand accountability from all of us when the cosmic


“It is finished!”


will resound through all those spheres which once provided refuge to spiritual man after he had separated from the Godhead and given himself up as precious game driven to an unknown fate! –

We are the ones who will either change the countenance of the earth or be an obstacle to its change, even if later generations will be the first to harvest the fruits resulting from the seed we entrusted to the earth!– –



Yet do not believe that we shall not be able to see with our own eyes the fulfilment of our deeds, even if we may only see blossom where later generations harvest the fruit!


The sooner we gird our loins for wakeful action, the more certainly we shall see from this action, which is a deed from the heart, the buds opening, promising fruit for posterity!


Fate has entrusted to our will incomprehensible greatness in these grave days, and – truly “it is a joy to be alive” at such a time – to all those who know how to value with wakefulness and responsibility the value of their own lives for all future generations.



Where are then those fools who once thought that their cerebral constructions would last forever!?! –


Vanished like the poorest beggar whose name is absent from all records, their work will fade away in a new age which they, intoxicated with knowledge, could not even imagine nor see coming; for they believed that the light of their thinking would enlighten all future generations.–


Thus there are today amongst us still many vain fools who think themselves wise; they find satisfaction in making the grand gestures of wise men of knowledge.


Not all know that they deceive; many think they are servants of the truth.– However, this age of the devaluation of all values has spawned far too many whose ‘conscience’ no longer hinders them, once delusion has got a grip on their febrile imaginations. Thus they lead thousands, through their teaching, into destruction, intoxicated by their power to confuse human souls, and surrounded by a fog of vanity at the number of those who follow their banners.–


“There shall arise false Christs and false prophets…”


Pay heed to the signs of the times and save yourselves from ensnarement in infernal nets from which escape is rarely possible!



Just as you would not entrust yourself to some quack, if your life of your earthly body were in danger, so too you must not hand over your soul to anyone who claims he can preserve its life!


Though there may only be few things of which you feel certain, you surely carry within you the certainty of sensing danger which will never abandon you, as soon as your poor earthly body is in peril!


You also possess the same certainty with respect to the life of your soul. But since you can lose your soul without forfeiting the life of your earthly body, you scarcely heed the warning signs in your inner being when there is a threat to the life of your  soul! –


Yet even if you are only tolerably capable of making a judgement, suspicion will rise up within you as soon as some quack approaches when you are in physical distress. In the same way you will feel a ‘warning’ if a teacher offers himself to you in your time of spiritual crisis. Even though he may be in greater need than you, you have called upon him because you knew of no other help! – –


Nonetheless, you are not exonerated for entrusting yourself to a teacher who leads you astray, for your quintessential nature has given you in your emotional abilities the power to differentiate. It is only your own lethargy that prevents you from immediately seeing that you are giving yourself up to ‘spiritual guidance’ that is in itself in desperate need of rectification! –



In these grave days you must take twice as much care, since you now know, from what I have said, that countless future generations can be furthered by you, but – also held back!


The original fire of love wants to become alive within you, so that its life, continuing to propagate from you, will one day create new life – here, in the hearts of men struggling on this earth to attain their eternal form.


If you did not yourself take on life from love, how would you become the origin of new life? –


Therefore I had to show you here, inasmuch as words allow, what love is – the love of which the ancient account speaks, telling you about the men of love in the supreme divine sense.–


Therefore I had to reveal to you the life of that ‘greatest of men of love’ who was once able to accomplish the ultimate act of love.


In the last perfection of his love he victoriously broke those rigid shackles which have held all human being here on earth in their iron grip ever since the bondage through the very first immersion of the spiritual human form in the earthly animal form! –

He also taught:


“Let any one who desires to be my pupil, follow me.” –



Ridiculously foolish are those dreamers who believe they only needed to imitate the supposed features of this most sublime of men in external mannerisms to be recognised by him as his disciples or, as the scriptures actually say, his ‘pupils’.


Would they suspect who he was and is, they would truly abandon their folly.–


But you to whom I address these words, should not be a bondsman to such a delusion!


You have now indeed been taught sufficiently!


If you truly would prove yourself worthy of the carpenter, a Luminary of the First Light, as is also  the one who fashions these words, then be prepared to awaken within you the exalted love which must consume you if it is to transform you into a new being!


Only then will you truly be his pupil, his disciple!



Only then will he know you to be within his love, just as he knew himself to be within his ‘Father’s’ love! –


Only then will he be able to recognise you as one of those who the ‘Father’ loves because they found perfection in the Father’s ‘son’…


Only then will Jehoshuah, the carpenter from Nazareth, of whom the ancient record speaks but who has been estranged from you by followers of the ancient myths of the gods – those who thought him far too close to humanity and therefore draped him in the apparel of their delusion of divinity,– – only then will he come close to you, and only then you may say in truth:


“I know that my redeemer lives!”


– – of the ‘son’ of man who once could confirm to his disciples that he would be with them ‘until the end of the world’!


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _



It is only possible from the primordial fire of the power of love to keep such a promise! –


For him who is perfected within himself it is an indescribably demanding sacrifice which is continually made, to keep himself, after the death of the earthly body, in a condition in which he is still accessible to human feelings confined to this  earth …


But you must certainly not try to imagine that this continuation in the sphere of earthly human consciousness, experienced by myself and my kind, entails a ‘miracle’ shrouded in mystery!

We are talking about nothing other than a focussing of consciousness, precisely established in spiritual law, – which far exceeds the duration of the earthly human body – until  the last vibration of the seeking of the soul in the sphere of this planet.


That this entails no small sacrifice arises already from the necessity to remain in a body – as the bearer of consciousness – which is self-created, though imperceptible to the senses of the earth, and yet subjected to the invisible physical world…


At the same time, nature requires this focussing of consciousness: to be obliged to share passion with all the suffering of the soul of total humanity. Only the original fire of the power of love can make this shared passion with all human misery bearable to the Luminary’s self-confined consciousness, until the last of his brothers on earth has entered the light.


Bô Yin Râ