‘I’ and ‘You’

You experience yourself only as ‘I’ and can find no room for any other apart from yourself in this ‘I’.

You are for yourself the centre of the world as ‘I’.

You are for yourself, as ‘I’, the ‘I’ of whole  mankind. – –

Yet this ‘mankind’ is a homogenous whole, formed from billions of individual ‘I’s, and though not a single one of these is completely the same as you, each one is, according to the form it takes, absolutely identical with what you feel to be the ‘I’ within you. – – –

It is difficult to put into human words what I want to say to you here, and I have to ask you to grope intuitively for the ultimate meaning of my words. For I know well enough that ultimate clarity can not be imparted through words, and that I can only use my own language which you must learn to ‘translate’ into your own.


I would like to make you realise that you are the unique centre point of a totality formed only of unique ‘centre points’ and, since this is  infinite though not unlimited, it has its ‘centre point’  everywhere……………..

However, every centre point is here in itself ‘I’; for it every other ‘centre point’ is ‘you’. –

If you would create your happiness at your centre point, you must keep this fact in view and try to find the secret relationships which prevail between ‘I’ and ‘you’.

These relationships are in a state of constant flux and must be judged differently at every moment.

Only the continually regulated balance of all  actions and reactions within human totality remains immutable.

You can only as an ‘I’ exert influence on a ‘you’ either unintentionally, without wishing to exert  influence, – or with conscious will.

If you would, however, have influence on a ‘you’, the means at your disposal are through requests, persuasion or force.

But know that you have to pay a certain, immutable price for every outcome resulting from your action – indeed, even for the intention itself! – – –

Therefore do not make requests or seek to persuade if you are yourself not willing to receive similar requests and persuasion from another ‘you’, – even more should you avoid using force if you find all use of force to be an intolerable constraint! –

You will not be ‘let off’ anything, however secure you feel you are, and however well you think you have concealed your true intentions.

You may be able to hide yourself from an individual ‘you’, but everything going on within you is always revealed to the total organism of humanity. At a predetermined moment in time you will, sooner or later, have to bear the consequences of your behaviour with guaranteed certainty. – – – – – – –


If you do not take kindly to being asked, and yet ask; if you are not amenable to persuasion, and yet seek to persuade; if you do not like force being used against you, and yet use force yourself – in each of these cases you will accomplish something whilst believing you do not have to pay the price. Yet you are wrong! –

Spiritual laws can not be – bypassed, nor interpreted to your own advantage, like earthly laws. You will not find any advocate prepared to protect you from the consequences of your behaviour. –

You will have to pay without remission all you owe to mankind through your behaviour towards another human being; you will not escape the law until the ‘last penny’ has been paid. – –

The longer the period of grace you are given to pay, the more you have cause to be concerned, – for you will not be discharged from the interest and interest upon the interest for all eternity…

But there is still more!

You may become a creditor unto yourself,  because you are responsible to mankind for your own person and may require nothing of yourself for which there is no prospect of receiving an  equivalent from mankind…

Otherwise you must pay the price for your  actions sooner or later – with interest and interest upon the interest – as you would for any other  person. – – –


Is this the first time you have heard of this law, or perhaps you have only just realised for the first time its relentless consistency and steadfastness? –

Perhaps concerns grow within you because of your previous actions, even though you are now resolved to weigh your future behaviour according to this law? –

If you would create for yourself your happiness, know then that you will find the ways and means to pay off your debt to mankind in a way appropriate to you, as soon as you will know what you still owe in reality!

Do not wait until the law asserts its claim with cruel indifference to your weal and woe. –

Work out your own ‘balance sheet’ and be not alarmed if the ‘debit column’ far exceeds the ‘credit column’!

As relentless as the total organism of mankind is in collecting from every one of its members  those dues which they had intentionally ‘forgotten’ to  pay, it also automatically pursues another law with indifference. This law makes impossible every use of force in collecting whatever debts you have as soon as you have seriously established the will and restless duty in yourself to pay your debts – even though circumstances may not  immediately allow you to pay off the complete debt without once more causing harm to yourself or others.


If you wish to create your own happiness, – you will have to know as much about the law of compensation within the totality of the human organism as I have described to you here.

It is up to you whether you wish to pursue further the manifold nuances of this law within everyday life. – It will certainly do you no harm.

If you wish to become the creator of your own happiness, you will soon discover that perhaps the greatest part of the happiness you are striving to attain is very closely woven into the relationships of your ‘I’ to each and every ‘you’. –

Your happiness will also comprehend love in all its forms.

Love – and I do not just mean ‘sexual union’ here – always needs a ‘you’, even if this ‘you’ – – were you yourself.

Here too the law of compensation holds sway; you must not expect your love to be without  disappointments if you are used to ‘forgetting’  reciprocity or want to receive more than you  give! – – –

For everything you want to receive, you will have to offer a complete equivalent. Otherwise the  totality of the human organism will one day claim from you what you owe; you should not complain if it asserts its rights in a way which pays no heed to your wishes…

It matters not whether we are talking about your behaviour towards complete strangers, whether your love and need for love are within relationships between a man and a woman, whether it is love of parents for their children or children for their  parents, or whether it is love between siblings, – you may never rightfully expect more than you give. If you are given more, see to it that you compensate for this as soon as you can, unless you want someone to take from you when you least expect it and in a way which will perhaps not be to your  liking! – – – –


Spiritual laws do not work any differently from the so-called physical laws of external nature. If you  violate one of these laws, you know from  experience that you have to carry the  consequences whether you like it or not.

It would be equally presumptuous to expect, in connection with spiritual laws, ‘forgiveness’ or  remission from the consequences, as it would be if you violated any physical law. – In both cases you would be expecting the cosmic order to be  disrupted on account of your error. – – –

Since billions of people commit such errors on a daily basis, ‘forgiveness’ here would mean nothing other than the collapse of all spiritual worlds into the night of complete chaos…


Shake yourself free of the dull, gloomy credulity of the savage who wrestles with his idol if it seems to go against his will and create instead within yourself  a belief in the immeasurable totality, of which you are a part, and as a part a centre point. Thus you will understand how petty is the idea you dare to have of a godhead which is supposed to set your foolish wishes above its own intrinsic order when it does not please you to bear the consequences of your behaviour as part of the totality.

If you should one day attain supreme knowledge, you will in all certainty think back with deepest shame to those days when it appeared to you to be part of a divine plan that a ‘Son of God’ had to suffer for your actions because you thought this a convenient way to shirk the consequences of your deeds…

It will then be impossible for you to comprehend any more that you did not prefer complete annihilation than bearing for just one moment the thought that an innocent man should redeem your debt through torture and death. – – – – – –

Yet even if you are among those who believe themselves to be responsible for their deeds, I nonetheless fear that you might still not realise how equally responsible you are for all your  thoughts. – – –

I have already told you that there is nothing  concealed from the totality of the human organism of which you are a part; even your most secret thoughts are disclosed to it.

Nevertheless, I would not like to be held  responsible here for the error that I might teach about something like a ‘collective human soul’ as an individual, independent conscious being!

The totality of the human organism is only ever conscious within its ‘centre points’, – the individual human beings, and in every individual it takes on a different level of consciousness, sometimes greater, at other times lesser.

When I say that “nothing is ever concealed from the totality of the human organism as such”, – I only want to make understandable that everything you may do or think will have an effect, far beyond you as a person, with automatic certainty on the whole spiritual organism of mankind in its totality; there it will have its consequence, and you will later on often search in vain for their causes because it has never occurred to you that even those least expressed thoughts you believed were hidden almost from yourself, could bring about such far-reaching consequences. – – – – –


If you wish to become the creator of your happiness, you must know that your thoughts will give loyal service as obedient beasts of burden, if you have trained them in this service. But they will wreak havoc on humanity like savage beasts if they have grown unaccustomed to serving you and are let loose without any restraint from you. – – –

You can not really be happy unless you create as much as you can the possibility of happiness in others; but you destroy the happiness of others if your thoughts, like wild bulls, break into the flower gardens of the soul of other people…

If you think of harmony you will bring about  harmony in others; yet if you think in terms of  destruction and chaos, you will effect destruction and chaos in others. – – – – –

You cannot keep yourself healthy without continuously holding to thoughts full of health, beauty and strength. At the same time, your thoughts will make you into the centre of an epidemic for others if your mind rummages among its shortcomings and you think of nothing other than sickness and disease.

I know someone who was declared to be ‘terminally ill’ by doctors and whose illness was such that no doctor can heal it even today. – Yet through the powers of his own thought he healed himself and has been healthy for decades.

I know someone else who was told at his own insistence that he had ‘at best four to five years’ to live; – he refused to take any of the prescribed medicines; he ignored any sort of therapy. He made it his aim to stay alive purely through the power of his own thoughts. – It has now been almost twenty years since he had been written off. He is living, without any sickness, hale and hearty; today he can hardly imagine that he once needed doctors. – – –

Such people, however, have an effect on their widest circle through the health they irradiate, even though they might not be considered, according to strict medical definitions, as de facto ‘cured’.

They feel cured, and time has proven them right, since their complaints have vanished.

The certainty imparted by success gives their thoughts an irresistible force, and so they exert influence as bearers of good health in their widest circle. – –


If you think continually of poverty and need, then poverty and need will not keep you waiting, – if you continually fear some adversity, then misfortune will surely snap at your heels!

But if in the darkest hour you still refuse to see your cause as lost, it will never be lost for you – you are bound to find a solution soon!

If you regard a misfortune which befalls you as nothing other than a thunder storm which  surprises you on a day out, then you can be sure that  misfortunes will be few and far between!


You are yourself the magnet for your weal and woe!

You can ‘tune in’ to the powers you wish to  attract, and they are bound to follow you. –

But you do not just act as ‘I’ alone for yourself, but for every ‘you’ bound to you spiritually within the totality of the human organism. – – –

The magnitude of your influence will be  determined far less than you think by external distances. Instead, all levels of intensity are conditioned by the greater or lesser degrees of similarity your own oscillations have with those of others. – Anyone of the billions you experience as ‘you’ will somehow be reached by the last resonance of the influence you have brought about.

Therefore you bear enormous responsibility! – – 

You are never alone, even though you may believe you are safely concealed behind the thickest walls…

All the time you are acting as ‘I’ in a relationship and connection with each and every ‘you’. For,  although each of you is a unique ‘I’, there is complete identity of all ‘centre points’ within the totality of humanity…


Bô Yin Râ