There are truths, irrespective of the times, which shine forth like eternal stars into the dark existence of man on earth bringing tidings to those estranged from God of the light which is spiritually speaking their origin.

Blessed are those who, though bound to travail and earthly toil, can raise their eyes to those otherworldly heights whence this wondrous light can reach them so that their hearts may be filled with its eternal radiance!

All the gloom of the earth will yield before those who,  filled with this light, walk upon it, and where once grey spectres terrified heavenly angels will prepare a radiant path for them! – –



Bitter distress took away the courage of many to look up from the earth and they feared losing the firm ground under their feet if ever the yearning to raise their heads upwards stirs within them.

Voices sound in their ears calling to them and saying: “You are bound to the earth and chained in serfdom to the earth!

Give up this delusion that help may reach you from light filled heights.

Believe not the foolish legends which would speak to you of a kingdom of the spirit. These are but the fantasies of foolish weaklings; like you they had to walk through thorny wastelands and tried to forget the festering wounds on their bloody feet by concocting these fables for themselves!”



How many have allowed themselves to be deceived by the loud screeching of these voices; thereafter they no longer dared hope for help from on high and their lives on earth became lightless torment and senseless sacrifice…

And yet spiritual light could have brought even them redemption; yet they would soon have found the darkness surrounding them illuminated if only they had opened themselves to the rays from the realm of the spirit seeking to reach them. – –



There once lived one who received the ‘mission’ from his ‘father’, of whom he said that he was ‘greater’ than him, and he said these words:

“I am the resurrection and the life: he that believeth in me though he were dead yet shall he live: and whosoever believeth in me shall never die!”



Truly he was not talking about a rigid avowal but of himself and of what he was himself, and his word was clear enough when he said: that he knew ‘his own’ as his own knew him!

Still most do not know who he was who was permitted to speak in this manner – who are ‘his own’ to whom he belonged and who is the ‘father’ who gave him his mission…

The world has still not recognised the profundity of his words when he said:

“He that loveth me not keepeth not my sayings: and the word which you hear is not mine, but the Father’s who sent me!” – –

Yet his existence was his ‘teaching’ and his life was the solution of all the mysteries hidden in man’s earthly existence! – –

Only those capable of loving what came to manifest itself on earth can experience this solution within themselves! – – –



Hewho walked this earth as the greatest of all men of love and who lives also today in his spiritual form within the spiritually guarded circle on earth, – he whom love keeps here ‘until the end of the world’ – can never reveal himself to those incapable of opening their hearts to him through love. – –

But those to whom he reveals himself in their hearts in this way will doubt no more that the resurrection will be theirs as well, – the same resurrection which was accorded to the exalted Master once his work of love on earth had been completed! – – –



Cast away all your fanciful doubts which would obscure the radiant truth of this ancient sacred message!

It is true that this message came to us only after many, seeking within it confirmation of their own deluded opinions, made copies of it and positioned the words in the order they thought they ought to stand. In their narrow thinking they could not comprehend the message which true men of knowledge strove to proclaim through those  words. –

Forgive the fools what they have done; try yourselves to find the red thread which will lead you back to the truth which was originally witnessed in these words!

As many words may well show to you the interpretation of later scribes, the radiant truth concealed in the ancient message will go straight into your hearts.



You will surely understand that the body of the resurrected one could be of no use to him. His true resurrection will only become more certain for you when you have experienced within yourselves the message of the one risen from earthly  bondage! – – –

I am personally permitted to bear witness to him and his true resurrection in the same way as I might bear witness to the existence of the earth’s sun. Truly, all who know me know that I am not numbered among the slaves of wild dreams and captives of deluded fantasies! – – –

And yet I do not want you to believe such words before having inner experience of the truth of my words!

I seek only to show all those yearning for light in these dark days the paths which enable them to reach by themselves that sublime light of truth which once illuminated the earthly path of the ancients who searched with all devoted simplicity and were uninhibited by the obstacles of faith which mislead the people of this time! –



I may give help to thousands, yet thousands still lie in a deep sleep and remain in frightening dreams of awakening!

Many still do not know that they can create certainty for themselves and experience still on earth a  miracle within themselves which transcends  everything the yearning for miracles has ever caused men to believe. – –

The purpose of my words is to awaken them so that one day the truth can proclaim itself to all, – the truth of the ‘son of man’s’ resurrection! – – –

For those who do not experience it within themselves, it will remain just a devout myth or an ‘article of faith’ as long as they live.

They will find it beyond their comprehension that the yearning for miracles of the ancients dared to reinterpret the most sublime spiritual occurrence into a tangible earthly event…

Only when they are ‘resurrected’ within themselves will they see the truth which was the origin of this presentation.





Bô Yin Râ