The appeal

You have become tired from much seeking, and now you are tired of seeking itself! –


Since what you were seeking was nowhere to be found, you want to renounce all further searching! –


Once you sought the land of the living and the temple of eternity!


But wherever you directed your steps, there reigned supreme: – death, and every temple held within its innermost secret shrine the impotent image of an idol…


Truly, my friend, you must have got weary during this searching, as so many others wearied who once set off with hope and confidence, like you!


You are not to be blamed; no words of reproach must scare you. For it was not your fault you did not find what you were seeking with such ardour on your journeys through distant lands!  – –


One had shown paths that one had never walked oneself!


One had promised things which one had never found oneself!


One had directed along paths which one had to abandon oneself long ago!


How could you have attained fulfilment where others only experienced disappointment upon disappointment, until exhausted they turned back; that is, if they had ever even set off on the paths they described to you!? –


How could you have ever reached the goal you longed to reach on these paths!? –



Do not be angry with those who showed you the wrong paths, for they knew no better, as they did not know the right way!


When they said to you: – “That’s the way you must turn, you who seeks!” – or – “There, you who strives, is your right path!” –  most of them thought they had advised you well…


Even if they showed you paths which they had abandoned in disappointment, they still believed you could perhaps succeed where their own strength had once failed them…


However, if some power-hungry idiot or even a scoundrel had really deceived you, knowing full well that he was showing you false paths, – then give thanks to the heavens if you have escaped such dependence, but – do not set yourself up as a judge, for the one you intend to judge has been judged by his own actions a long time ago! – –


Do not lament your fate because it has not allowed you to find yourself until now; do not despise yourself because you now see yourself weary and disappointed at the same place from which you once set off, full of joy and hope! –


What help to you are laments and curses?! –



If these words are reaching you, then truly, you no longer have any possible reason for continuing to curse your erring hitherto!


Behold! – your path will be blessed from this day forth; you will no longer be seen on ways leading to error!


A man speaks to you here who truly knows the way to reality!


A man speaks to you here who really can show you and will show you this way so that you might finally reach the goal of your longing! – –


Follow me, and with every step you take, you will feel the strength growing within you which will allow you to persevere to the end!



I have not sought you out, and it is not me you have to thank for the fact you have found me!


Your own searching that followed wrong paths for so long was finally free after you had relinquished it because you became weary of it…


Now having become free, it allows you at last to discover today what previously was hidden from you…


It was only your will to seek, which was bound to find me! – –


It was not in vain that you previously sought on paths which led you astray! –


It was not in vain that you followed teachings which could not bring you to your goal! –


Wherever you sought, – continually your seeking gave more strength to the power of your search, just as electric power is strengthened as it makes its way through a wire coil, – and now, having considered all your searching to be accursed, you have finally been given what you had ceased hoping to attain! – – –


There, where all of us living on earth are rooted in the same spiritual life, whether we are aware of it or not, one perceived your distress and knew how it could be averted…


I have now been sent to you, and you have found me,  because I can really help you, and because no other could bring you the same help during your days on earth…


Truly, this not my doing, – yet, I also cannot change those things which I did not put in order myself. In vain you would seek to disturb the order given here: – in vain you would look for other   help…


You have called me without knowing me! – –


My word reaches you, without my knowing of you! – –


Still you cannot know who is addressing you through these words; truly, I do not hold it against you if, following all your disappointments and embittered by cruel experience, you still hold back anxiously from following my voice! –

You are like one who lost his way somewhere in the darkness of night who hears the call of one who knows the path. Horrified, you are initially mistrustful, full of fear and suspicion, since at that very place robbery and murder had been committed…


I too would certainly hesitate, were I in your shoes!



Yet, look! – I expect nothing other from you than that you, always with an eye to your path – follow the light I ignite before you!


I will carry that light ahead, so that you can easily see for yourself where I am leading you. –

For the time being, you have no need to worry about how I know this is the right path and why I alone am able to show it today!


Be satisfied for the moment; you will soon see how I am clearing a path for you out of the confusion!


However often you have been deceived: – this time, truly, you will not be deceived!


After the very first steps you will discover that falsehood is something you can never meet on my path!

Until today you may have fancied to be justified in scorning those who tell you that there is a man who knows the path to truth and who is prepared to guide you on this path…


Today you have met this man!


Decide yourself whether you would follow me!


Decide yourself – for it is up to you alone – whether it is worth your effort finally to attain the high goal you have long been seeking and yearning for!




Bô Yin Râ