The luminary speaks to the seeker

I would tell you of the path I have walked myself!


I would show you the path I myself have become!



I had come so near to the sun that it filled the whole sky.


Everything was in flames, above and below me.


I was a wanderer on the path to light; and before I knew it I had become the path without choice…


Having become the path I shot like an arrow into its target; I was consumed in the blazing sun.


Thus I became light and fire myself.


 I consume myself in my fiery light: – how could I want anything other than that all becomes light and fire!



 All suns burn in the same light!


 Whoever is burned up into sun is united with all suns. –


 You know not which sun’s light enlightens you in my light!


 Do not set arbitrary limits!


 All arbitrary limits vanish in the light. –


 Seek the light in the suns and the suns in their light!


 Love a little the light in all radiance, – you who seek!



Abandon resistance if you want to approach the light!


Everything in you is still resistance!


Everything in you is still speech: – that is why you do not hear…


Everything in you is still vision: – that is why you cannot see…


Bid yourself be silent and control your vision, so that silence can commune with you!


Only in soundless silence can you hear the eternal word! –


Yet still there are a thousand resistances within you fighting against another thousand.


Still you are not free within yourself!


Still you are not willing to go with me along your path to the light without desires.



The‘ beginning’: – First Being, – begets from itself the First Light, and the First Light  begets the Word.


But the Word has the light of life, and the light shines forth in the Word which begets the ‘Father’: – Original Spiritual Man – in the deep silence of eternity, which today is as it always was and always will remain.


What we proclaim from the Word was not  conceived by human minds…


It is eternal revelation and has nothing to do with concocted earthly wisdom.


What you receive here is light from the Word!


Within the word are all of us to whom you owe these words united in recognition and  consciousness.


Through the Word we create spiritually based  order: – within the chaos of reflections which press

and suppress one another on the surface of continually churning waves of power impelled towards the outermost realms.


When we teach, we teach to recognise  ourselves.


Only through teachings of assimilated  experience can living light be placed before your eyes without blinding you with its original blaze.



If you want to come to the light, you must learn to believe!


 Believing means: developing power in order to awaken higher power.


Words of faith alone can develop power, but you shall not learn to believe in words alone.


Belief is will!


As you believe, so will it be done unto you in the way you willed it!


Even as your belief, so are your powers!


It is only your own power which releases all the higher powers to bring you help!



If you want to approach the light, learn to pray!


When you pray, ask above all else for wings! –


Behold: there are wings which carry you  higher than the eagle’s pinions…


There are wings which carry you above the furthest stars.


Ask for these wings if you would pray!


Any other prayer will be blasphemy, unless at the same time you ask within yourself for these  wings. – –


Whoever asks for wings, truly he shall be  given wings…


By wanting to fly wings will grow on you!


Even while you pray you will be uplifted!



And now, you who seek, destroy the false gods if you would approach the only, eternal One: – your living God!


Your God is within yourself, and only within yourself can you perceive his presence!


Only within yourself can he be born to you…


Only within yourself can he make himself  perceptible to you!


You shall seek no other ‘god’ than the God in you!


You shall desire to serve no other ‘god’!


Listen to the ancient words that have been  falsely interpreted!


Listen to them anew with understanding!


Listen with shaking heart: –


‘I’ – ‘am the Lord!’ – says your God…


‘You shall seek no other gods!’ –


‘You shall create no image to yourself and make it into your own ‘god’; it would be a  monstrous distortion of yourself, existing only through your desire until the time you vanish from the  earth! – –’


Here, oh you who seek, you stand at the  beginning and the never ending end of all truth!


Blessed are you if you recognise what these words would have you understand, words from one who was once addressed by his God in this way. –


It is my deliberate purpose to give you here the sense of these words, begotten by eternity!



Bô Yin Râ